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Hi guy's, just wondering if anyone can help a girl out? I can't get past the chaptcha thing on wdupload. I get the green tick but then some error message so I can't download the file. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble or if anyone can help so I can download. Thanks alot
Hey Amy, you don't know me by the way. Just wondering if I can send you some material I got from this really cute girl?
Hiya, thanks that would be great. I tried everything I can to get past the green tick on wdupload but I just get a error message so I can't download any file from there. I even messaged them but got no reply.
Mmmm seems I can download from site just not from wdupload.
Just wondering how everyone else downloads free stuff from wdupload?
I tried it on chrome, opera, Firefox and tor and I tried 2 different devices and still get the same error message, please complete the chaptcha altho I got a green tick, frustrating as I'm only downloading pics at the moment.

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