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Full Version: Forum rules and posting
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Please read this rules:
  • Posting available only to approved users.
  • Our site accepts users only those who will post content with high quality, stop cluttering internet with pixel videos
  • Children are prohibited, even in clothes, studio photo sets with child, retro, other heresy are prohibited!
  • To get free access to approved group write to CuteBaits
  • Recommended file hosts: SecretFile Wdupload Goloady KShared
  • Prohibited file hosting:  ̶f̶i̶l̶e̶.̶a̶l̶
  • For 1 account, only 2 topics on 1 forum section!
  • No redirect links.
  • Each member personally liable for published content!
  • For violation of the rules your topics and your account may be deleted
  • Write all questions or complaints to user CuteBaits or [Image: URKmIdK.jpg]
Disclaimer: We do not distribute or impose materials posted on this forum, you yourself make choice before your temptation!